Our Process

Diagnostic first, prescriptive second...

Think of the wealth management process like a visit to your physician. Process, as well as expertise, is important and getting it right the first time matters. Your physician will ask you questions, examine you, and potentially request some tests before he or she comes to a conclusion and delivers advice. At HighPass, we are passionate about process and firmly believe that the steps you go through to reach an investment portfolio are critical to your success. Too many investors and their advisors spend too much time worrying about markets and watching investments when in fact, they would be better served to spend more time with the process that led them to the investments.

Our process is a very simple four step formula:

1.  Set  a target.

2.  Make a plan.

3.  Execute.

4.  Review and adjust until target is reached.

We help people with the development of a financial & estate plan (or a review of their existing plans) and then design a corresponding investment strategy. We start by learning about a client to fully understand their entire financial picture. We do this through an interview where we ask a unique set of questions that have been developed over time by our founder. We strongly believe that our diagnostic interview process gives us an edge over competing advisory firms. We make it a point to fully understand what our clients' want to accomplish. With a better understanding of our clients' objectives, we can then customize a portfolio that is properly aligned with their unique goals. Throughout our process we focus on educating investors on how to avoid common financial traps.

We specialize in value investing. Our goal is to maintain and grow our clients' wealth at a rate greater than inflation and in-line with the client's risk tolerance. Our investment process has been developed and honed over our founder's 20+ years of investment management experience. Our philosophy is to focus on what you can control – the price you pay for an investment, the cash flow generated by the investment and your diversification strategy. We don't make bets on the future, try to time the markets, or chase after the latest hot investment. Instead, we stick to time-tested strategies that are known to protect and grow wealth. Keeping our clients wealthy, by helping them avoid common financial traps, is at the heart of our process.