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Ethan S. Braid, CFAHighPass Asset Management is an independent fee-only, investment advisory firm with a fiduciary duty to the high net worth clients it serves. HighPass Asset Management was founded by Ethan S. Braid, CFA. Mr. Braid has been passionate about managing client investment portfolios and providing customized financial planning advice since he started working in the investment industry 15 years ago. Mr. Braid's formal education consists of:

  • BS – Finance, Robert Morris University
  • MBA – Cleveland State University
  • CFA Charterholder – CFA Institute

The CFA program is a graduate level, globally recognized, multi-year program with a focus on investment knowledge.  Candidates for the program commit an average of 900+ cumulative hours of study time to complete all three levels.

Mr. Braid is devoted to being an expert in the field of wealth management for high net worth individuals and families and for many years, has read one book per month on subject areas such as: estate planning, retirement planning, investment analysis, mergers & acquisitions and behavioural finance.  Mr. Braid also has a passion for business history with a focus on the late 19th & early 20th centuries.  To date Mr. Braid has read 61 books on the topics listed above.

When Mr. Braid is not helping clients, he enjoys: cooking, wine, exercise, his yellow Labrador retriever, fly fishing, hiking, playing guitar, snowboarding, travel, and duck hunting.

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