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Are you getting proactive or reactive tax advice?

Is your tax return just a number that is cranked out every tax season?

Does your tax adviser take the time to get to know you?

Does your tax adviser stay updated on your financial life or merely rely upon the documents you submit to complete your tax return?

All too often, tax returns are rushed along with little time spent on “advice.” Don’t settle; quality tax advice requires a deep knowledge of the client’s financial life. As wealth managers, we are intimately aware of our client’s financial picture. The depth of our relationship with our clients allows us to give customized tax advice.

HighPass provides free tax return preparation, estimated payment tax planning and transaction tax planning for the firm’s wealth management clients. Coordinating your tax plan with your investment strategy can improve the bottom line and lower your fees. If you have $1m or more of investable assets and would like a second opinion, please contact us today.